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the draftplus - Chimney cap

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controls all influential wind directions and wind velocities. Available in stainless steel (V4A) and RAL-coated. Therefore guaranteed rustless and resistant against all weather conditions.



The nozzles around the internal flue prevents the whirling of smoke along with fresh air and at the same time provides equal increased draft.

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The moveable coverup hood with internal cones prevents entering fall winds, animals and protects the chimney of weather incluences like rain and snow. Without individual resistance according to DIN 4705.

Wether calm wind or storm. Wether from horizontal direction or from above. Always stabile pressure conditions.

ECONTOP is an exellent protection which keeps out rain, snow, fallwinds, leaves, twigs and animals. At the same time it increases the updraft in the flue. (draft) hauptbild.JPG (11277 Byte)  By eliminating wind induced over pressure the ECONTOP causes stabile pressure relations and an optimized and effective burning with less CO2-output. Suitable for all chimneys, masonry chimneys and all common tube diameters such as 130/150/180/200/250 mm.
Easy Do-It-Yourself installation in hardly any time.
ECONTOP is advanced by the German country ministries of environmental affairs - due to is active reduction of emission. Best value - multifunctional chimney cap.



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